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Black Copper Marans - Marans lay a dark brown egg. The following is some information that may be important to folks wanting to keep, show, and/or breed Black Copper Marans as close to the standard as possible.

My original flock genetics is based upon the Wade Jeane line. Of course once a few generations pass by, nobody can claim that their line is by the hand of Wade Jeane, Bev Davis, or any of the other most famous breeders. Don't be fooled. Once a breeder takes on a line and starts making their own breeding decisions, it becomes their own line for better or worse. Marans breeding is a balancing act between too much copper and not enough copper, too much shank feathering or not enough. Every generation is a challenge, but if you love the breed, there is nothing better. And of course....there is that incredible egg color which sets marans apart from the rest.

Note on egg color. Hens "paint" their eggs and every egg is different from day to day. The longer a hen paints the egg, the darker it will be. Highly productive hens will have a lighter egg now and then, especially right before she takes a break. Her eggs get darker again when she resumes laying eggs. A hens egg MUST be at least a 5 on the marans chart within her cycle to be considered a quality marans hen. Less than a 4, and it's not considered a real marans at all. Large hatcheries are notorious for selling marans that don't meet the standard in plumage or egg color, so buyer beware. Mass production results in poor quality birds no matter the breed.

If you are interested in the correct breeding and standards of this breed, give me a call and we'll talk chicken. (MOAC member #281, Marans of America Club) Also, if you are looking for marans of a different color variety, give me a call as I might be able to direct you to a breeder who has that variety.



Blue Orpington - These are not your run of the mill orps. My birds are big, fluffy, and gorgeous. Last year I culled down to only the cream of the crop in my orp pen so my chick availability for the 2012 season will be very limited. You won't be disapointed, though. These birds are going to be an outstanding addtion to any home flock and will outshine in the show pen. I'm breeding black to splash this year so all of my chicks will be blue, 100%. Orpingtons lay a light brown to a pinkish colored egg.




Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucan - True ameraucana, not hatchery/feed store easter eggers. My hens lay a pale blue or pastel turqoise blue colored egg. Egg color vibrancy is darker at the beginning of a hens laying cycle and fades a bit until she takes a break for awhile.



Olive Eggers - My olive eggers are a cross between a black copper marans and an ameraucana. The point of this cross is to create hens that lay gorgeous olive green eggs. These eggs are lovely. The inside of the egg is just like a regular egg, only the shell is different. The plumage color of my olive eggers varies from year to year, depending on what crosses I've made. First generation olive eggers guarantee a medium shade olive green egg. Second generation olive eggers can result in either an extra dark olive colored egg or a medium to dark brown egg. It's worth the role of the dice to get that dark olive egg! They really make an egg basket stand out and the kids love them.

Bantam Cochin - Bantam cochins are a miniature chicken. They love to be picked up and held, they are feather footed, and are oh so cute. They are commonly used as broody hens to hatch out the eggs of other breeds as the cochin loves nothing better than to hatch out chicks. Cochins make excellent pets for children. They are easy to take care of, enjoy people, and don't take up much room. Bantam cochins can be safely housed with standard sized chickens if they grow up together. I hatch a variety of colors.

More poultry information, tips, and recommended poultry products coming soon on our dedicated poultry webpage now under construction! Summary information will remain available here on Snake River Performance Horses.

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